Billboard reported in October 1960, when the album came out, Crosby was in England with his wife playing golf, and Armstrong was on a state visit to the Congo.
When someone mentions seeing Crosby and Armstrong, the jazz man says, Ah, give that buzzard my regards there!
As he put it: I never met anybody that didnt love Louis that ever saw him work or ever has encountered him, had online lotteries australia any connection or any business with him Any time I ever worked with Louis it was just a pleasure to be around.Around this time, there was a recording of a New Years Eve party at Armstrongs house.Kraft Music Hall, which Crosby hosted and on which Armstrong frequently made guest appearances.Its like gold being poured out of a cup, Armstrong told.Johnny Mercer s Little Ol Moon and Rocky Mountain Moon, which the composer specially adapted for the pair, adding special effects and vocals.The songs included Muskat Ramble and At The Jazz Band Ball, and.Yet for all his success, Crosby said that no doubt about it, the happiest times I worked in my career were the days I worked with.
There is poignant footage of the pair singing on the 1967 TV show.
Crosby said it was the favourite of all the movies he made, and Holm said the cast had such fun because Armstrong and his All-Stars were always informally jamming and bantering between takes.
Crosby was in awe of Armstrongs ability to combine music and humour.
Crosby said he had happy memories.
He was fortunate to introduce his artistry to singing as one element of a perfect storm that included significant advancements in microphone and music recording technology.Leave feedback, aPI Calls.Louis was fun to work with and Bing of course enjoyed being around musicians.Gary Giddins, edited from liner notes.Also in 1951, a version of Gone Fishin, cut with the John Scott Trotter Orchestra, went down so well with the audience at a radio show that Crosby and Armstrongs version was released as single by Decca and reached.19 in the charts.They also successfully recorded music from the film, including a version of the title song, cut with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.Bing Crosby changed singing forever.High Society along with Grace Kelly, Celeste Holm and.