The CC-API process is charged with the memory.
Open CaveatsCisco IOS Release 12.1(5)T This section describes possibly unexpected behavior by Cisco IOS Release.1(5)T.CSCdr99280 A Cisco AS5300 series universal access server running Cisco IOS Release.1(3)T images with a copy flash modem enabled to upgrade the modems to a portware different from the bundled portware will cause a software-forced reload.This situation starbie spielhalle zürich may also occur with Provider Edge routers.There is no workaround.007 Rule two inserts the prefix after the first digit in the dialed number producing the following error message: Beernem#test translation-rule 9 The replace number 2007345 Beernem#test translation-rule 9 The replace number 1007111 There is no workaround.When an E1 Q Signaling (qsig) controller is out of service, and a Cisco router receives an incoming call from a PBX, the controller does not send a disconnect message to the PBX.The correct public key to use in your correspondence with psirt is the one linked in the Contact Summary section of the Security Vulnerability Policy page at this URL: ml The link on this page has the current PGP key ID in use.The router may confuse the two values.The result is that router changes the state for that particular B channel, but telco does not.CSCds76981 The Bantam Jack test port on a Cisco AS5400 series universal access server with a CT3 adapter test port does not function properly.Workaround: There is no workaround.CSCdr76091 A Cisco gateway may reload during an attempt to resolve the mismatching of codec when the Cisco gateway interoperates with an endpoint that creates asymmetrical codec.CSCds07145 On a Cisco AS5800 series universal access server that is running Cisco IOS Release.1(3a)T1, Simple Network Management Protocol (snmp) queries sachsenlotto statistik for variables in the cisco-modem-mgmt-MIB will fail for ports numbered 72 and above on Digital multi meter (DMM) feature boards.To open a service request by telephone, use one of the following numbers: Asia-Pacific: Australia: emea: USA: For a complete list of Cisco TAC contacts, go to this URL: m/techsupport/contacts Definitions of Service Request Severity To ensure that all service requests are reported in a standard.NAT treats this as a special port and tries to parse the packet when an application uses port 2000, which might lead to a reload.
If a user who is using Cisco IOS Release.1(5)T and VIP-based MQC changes to an earlier release, the MQC features will revert back to the RSP-based MQC features (this is based on the assumption that the user is using MQC features that are common.
Workaround: Use different RDs.
These vulnerabilities can be exploited to permit the unauthorized viewing or modification of affected devices.
The IP phone system will fail every time when the IP PBX system is initially brought up because the Multiservice Route Processor (MRP) is started long before the SPE is up and running, so manual intervention is always required.
Workaround: Do not configure the frequency hopping feature on.S.If the remote site does not pad the frame, the packet will be dropped from the Ethernet as a runt.This renewal attempt will happen at the half-life of the dhcp lease.CSCds57063 The network access server (NAS) receives the following error: *Oct 25 07:34:10.203: isdn-4-isdn_unexpected_event: isdn_callback_from_rm: no e ntry: Occurred./isdn/isdnintrfc.If the packet lifetime timer has been exceeded, the Cisco router generates a service message.This condition occurs when the clear counters command fails on more than one E1/T1 controller with a "POT1E1-3-mboxsend" error.