Integration by parts : Reducing an integral to another one.
Exif : The hidden data attached to every jpeg the camera makes.
Sublinear functionals are merely subadditive and positively homogeneous.63.2 (1-1 /e ) of a sudden level shift is blackjack bank stopt bij achieved after one time constant.Summations of p-adic integers for a special radix or for all of them.Wieferich primes are scarce but there ought to be infinitely many of them.Far image of a picture on translucent film is its Fourier transform.Cavalieri's quadrature formula for the area under a power curve.Approximate formulas for the surface area of a scalene ellipsoid.Cantrell's Formula : A modern attempt with an overall accuracy of 83 ppm.Holonomic angle of a loop.Catalans's identity generalizes Cassini's Identity.Ongoing legacy of analog photography : Film is dead, long live Film.Calendars Chronology Fossil calendars : 420 million years ago, a month was only 9 short days.
The beginning of time. .
Last card : Tell the last card after being shown all the others.
Heap casino restaurant the grill baden baden priority queues allow sorting in O( n Log n ) worst time (1964).
Galaxies and large-scale structure of the Universe The Milky Way is the name given to the star system that harbors our Sun.
Kleiber's law : Metabolic rates of animals as a function of their sizes.
The ABC conjecture (1985) of Joseph Oesterlé and David Masser.
Mixing sound from several audio sources in real-time.Equality of subreal numbers isn't computable by any general procedure.Crafting spoken words off-camera. .Eisenstein-Stern sequence (Calkin-Wilf tree) enumerates the rationals too!The outer electron is in orbit at a large distance.