In 2018 he became industry and national production minister.
May 31, 1962, Tel Aviv, Israel German Nazi official.Erignac, René (Jean Louis) (b.Evren Evren, (Ahmet) Kenan (b.Engler cut general assistance (welfare for non-parents) and aid to the arts; he privatized services and started seeking federal waivers for welfare reform.Jorge Serrano imperial casino&hotel strážn Elías attempted a "self-coup" in poker pro deals May 1993, both Serrano and Espina were ousted on June 1, the defense minister announcing that Serrano had "abandoned" the presidency and that Espina had resigned.In March 1995, he signed legislation that eliminated the afdc program by 1999 and capped other welfare benefits.He was also Mexican minister of energy (2004-05).14, 1943, Jersey resident commissioner of Swaziland (1902-07).10, 1775, Skien, Bratsberg amt now Telemark fylke, Norway -.He was governor of Hiran (1959-60) and Benadir (1960-62 ambassador to Tanzania (1963-65 Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg (1965-68 and Italy (1974-76) and permanent representative to the United Nations (1972-74).Between 19e was secretary to the Iranian legations in Paris, Warsaw, and London.and chairman of the Revolutionary Committee (1923-24) of the Chechen national okrug /autonomous oblast.June 13, 1901, Ransäter, Sweden -.9, 1841, Diekirch, Luxembourg -.A graduate of the National Defense College, he served as a paratrooper officer in 1956 Sinai campaign and the 1967 Six-Day War, and was a divisional commander on the Golan Heights in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.
March 19, 1906, Solingen now in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany -.
He was picked by Rahman to succeed him in his post as chief of the Army staff when the latter became chief martial law administrator and then president in 1977.
Eketebi (Moyidiba Mondjolomba Laurent (Gabriel) (b.
July 20, 1766, Broomhall, Fife, Scotland -.A public opinion poll conducted at the beginning of June 1996 showed 40 of respondents regarded Elbegdorj as the public official they approved of most.March 12, 1961 home affairs minister of Papua New Guinea (2000-01).1, 1930, Rangpur district, Bengal, India now in northern Bangladesh president of Bangladesh (1983-90).In 1978 he rode his popularity to the.S.Eri, Sir (Vincent) Serei (b.