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40 Religious architecture edit Stamp from 2008 commemorating the 1000th anniversary of Stiepel village church Bochum-Mitte, das veiligheids sloten nl kortingscode Bermuda3eck Propsteikirche.Bochum was first bombed heavily in May and June 1943.B51 runs to Herne and Hattingen, and B226 runs to Gelsenkirchen and Witten.Dezember 2017" (in German).Alsberg, AG) of Cologne.In 1962, the property came under environmental protection and a decade later was turned into a geological garden.On 4 November 1944, in an attack involving 700 British bombers, the steel plant, Bochumer Verein, was hit.
(Beautiful and relaxing spots.) Accessed (in German) Article about number of visitors Starlight Express website.
Romans bathed nude, with men and women rarely being separated.
21 23 Of Bochum's more than 90,000 homes, only 25,000 remained for the 170,000 citizens who survived the war, many by fleeing to other areas.
It is unique in design, creating an optical illusion that further enhances its size.
It consists of four 12-metre (over 39 feet) tall steel plates.
Today, only the gate and one tower remain.So, I suppose it might come as a surprise when I tell you that Trier, Germanys oldest city, once served as Roman territory.The new synagogue, which opened in 2007, consists of a white cube and stands in contrast to the round shape of the planetarium next door.Well-known product: G Data AntiVirus GEA Group AG (Head Office) high-tech ventilation systems and machines, the largest publicly traded company in Bochum Gebr.A gaudy soundtrack imitates the events that once took place above.The musical Starlight Express, which opened in 1988, is the longest-running musical in Germany.Contracted by the Lueg Company, the seven-story building was designed by the architect Emil Pohle.Waterways edit The urban area is divided into the river Ruhr catchment in the south and the Emscher catchment in the north.Eilers und Birkhofer 79282, ballrechten Dottingen, kreuzfahrten Sinning GmbH 26506 Norden, reisebüro Naunhof 04683 Naunhof Reise Club Werdohl 58791 Werdohl Niederrheinisches Reisebüro Kios West 47441 Moers Neckermann Urlaubswelt Neuruppin Beachfinder Koblenz Reisebüro Schack Alsfeld Orion Reisen Eupen Alltours Leipzig Reisebüro Borlach Bad Dürrenberg Traveltärume Kerpen.Since the seventies, Bochum's industry has moved from heavy industry to the service sector.An der Kemnade 10, 45527 Hattingen, ER MindArts : Contemporary Art online Gallery was established in Bochum in 2014.

The bell in front of the city hall serves as a reminder of the improvement of steel-casting in Bochum.