Mini Roulette offers 4 chips, each with a different credit value as follows: 1, 5, 10, and 100.
If you guessed correctly, you will be entitled to a money reward.
Bet on a group of 6 numbers 1 : 1, red/Black, color bet (no numbers) 1 : 1, odd/Even.
Fast Play Mini Roulette offers the Fast Play option.Mini Roulette is not an exception.Playing this game is a joy and the visuals are partly responsible for that.Type of Bet Bet Payout Bet Limits Straight Up Bet 11:1 1 10 Split Bet 5:1 1 20 Street Bet 3:1 1 30 Corner Bet 2:1 1 40 Columns Bet 2:1 1 40 Half-Dozen Bet 2:1 1 500 Odd/Even Bet 1:1 1 500 Black/Red Bet.NetEnt has a track record of producing great-looking games and Mini Roulette does not disappoint.It has higher odds of guessing the winning divisions but it is also true that the payouts are way smaller than lg bonus cash back the ones found in the European version of roulette.
You can place more than one wager by clicking additional sections.
The Spin and Clear buttons are not constantly visible, they only appear after players have placed their bets.
The minimum you can bet is 1 and the maximum is 500.
In addition, the features are tailored in accordance with the games small size.Therefore, the payouts are also different.The software is customisable so players should thoroughly consult the section that shows the table limits, the payouts, and the minimum and maximum credits on wagers before initiating a game session.For this reason, the visual items in the interface do not take up much space and it is possible to play easily even on the small screens of mobile devices.In this respect, it does not appeal to classical experience seekers.Playing roulette for real money or for free is a fun and profitable hobby, and we offer the players only the best titles.You should play mini roulette if: You are looking for a casual experience; You prefer playing games during small breaks; You are not after big winnings; You want to play roulette on your mobile devices.In the past, roulette was a top attraction in many land-based establishments, but due to the bulkiness of the table, casinos could only place several tables on the gaming hall before they ran out of room.So, what are the betting options and prize amounts?Compared to classic roulette, the number of available bets is very small.The screen will change and you will see the wheel spinning.It is a compressed version of the worldwide-known variant of European roulette.Instead, the company has took an interesting approach to classic roulette.

A Straight Up bet pays 11:1, a Split rewards 5:1, a Street can win you 3:1, while the Corner and the Column bet pay 2:1.
The rather high.85 house edge is still way better than the one in American roulette, for instance.