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Known as Cross and Match in Intralot's licence, and the official rules.
In an automated pick a computer randomly allocates the player six numbers as well as a Powerball for each game line.
The First Division online glucksspiel ohne anmeldung pool was last increased, from 300,000 to 400,000, in November 2003, at the same time as the re-introduction of a mid-week draw on Wednesdays, which had previously been replaced by Powerball.
In this type of game, a set number of tickets typically in the low six figures are offered for sale in each draw.The first Tattslotto draw, with a first division prize of A50,000, was on, televised on HSV-7 Melbourne.Prizes were awarded in a similar manner to Super 66, with a 1 million prize offered for matching the Lucky 7 number exactly, while consolation prizes were awarded for matching the last digits of the other numbers as few as three digits for the Lucky.This article needs to be updated.Started in 1996, 22 Wednesday Gold Lotto was played like Saturday Lotto, with games costing 50 cents each plus agent's commission.The game is marketed as Tattslotto in Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory ; as Gold Lotto in Queensland ; as X Lotto in South Australia and simply as Lotto or Saturday Lotto in New South Wales, and Western Australia.Australian lotteries are subject to many regulations, which generally vary by state.A player selected 2 numbers from (199) in each game; which cost 55c.
Offered a "Double Up" option for an extra.15 per game, which doubled any winning Division 2 to 5 prizes.
The new divisions are as follows: Division Required Numbers Probability (Single Game) 1st Division 7 Powerball 1 in 134,490,400 2nd Division 7 1 in 7,078,442 3rd Division 6 Powerball 1 in 686,176 4th Division 6 1 in 36,115 5th Division 5 Powerball 1 in 16,943.
Super 66 entries are usually computer-generated although some states allow registered players to record their favourite Super 66 numbers and play them like in other games.There were 7,089 prizes awarded in each 2 Casket draw (including one-off prizes making the odds of winning any prize around 1.5.Entries can also be "boxed producing 24 standard games allowing the numbers to be matched in any order.As of 2010, no further draws have been conducted.Also from this draw, an additional supplementary number was drawn.The Pools usually had a minimum first division prize of 60,000, but jackpotted often: Division Required numbers Probability (single game) Division 1 6 1 in 2,760,681 Division 2 5 supplementary 1 in 460,114 Division 3 5 1 in 14,842 Division 4 4 1 in 371.

As Lucky Keno 70, a "Hi-Lo" bet was also available, which won if 13 or more numbers fell on the correctly predicted half of the available balls (Low: numbers 135; High: numbers 3670).
Each game cost 50 cents plus agent's commission.