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You should choose printProbabilitiesTable, since that is a short and precise description of what the method does.Phone wiil become an absolutely impartial croupier who cannot be deceived.Select the whole try finally block and extract that to a method called sleep./p * ul * li Red is 1 * li Black is 0 * /ul * * @param number * @return public int getColor(int number) / slibich's code if (number 1 number 3 number 5 number 7 number 9 number 12 number 14 number.This is something that your IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ) can do for you.For this purpose only good luck is required to you, because the chance of fall of certain number in roulette cannot be calculated.0 : 1; * p * Returns color of number.Therefore, the sleep method should get a parameter.True : false; break; case half2: ret (val getHalf(rNum)?It has lots of useful features.This takes you to the definition of this method.
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@throws Exception * void strategy2 throws Exception User user new User int wins 0; int loose 0; BigDecimal startBet new BigDecimal(10 BigDecimal currentBet startBet; BigDecimal maxBet startBet; for (int i 0; i rounds; i) IBet bet BetOnBlack(currentBet int rNum ll if (Win(bet, rNum).