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The earliest recorded use of ww pokecharms the word particular meaning fastidious is found in the Duke of Wellington's dispatches dated 1814, however, and maybe significantly, particular, earlier particuler, entered English around the 14th century from French and Latin, originally meaning distinct, partial, later private and personal.
Touch and go - a close decision or narrow escape - from the days of horse-drawn carriages, when wheels of two vehicles might touch but no damage was done, meaning that both could go on their way.Blackmail - demand money with threat - 'mail' from Saxon 'mal' meaning 'rent also from 'maille an old French coin; 'black' is from the Gaelic, to cherish or protect; the term 'blackmail' was first germantown pike used to describe an early form of protection money, paid.Some etymologists suggest that the expression was originally 'skeleton in the cupboard' and that the closet version is a later Americanism.Brewer's Epistle xxxvi is unclear and seems not to relate to St Ambrose's letters.Muggie bug, especially a little flying gnat moegoe stupid person, coward, or weakling moffie male homosexual (derogatory).The metaphor is based on opening a keg (vessel, bottle, barrel, flagon, etc) of drink whose contents are menacing (hence the allusion to nails).The earliest recollection of 'liar liar pants on fire' that I have been informed of dates back to the 1930s, from a lady born in 1925,.Brewer explains that the full expression in common use at the time (mid-late 1900s) was 'card of the house meaning a distinguished person.Booth, an actor, assassinated President Lincoln's on, at Ford's Theatre in Washington DC and broke his leg while making his escape, reportedly while jumping from Lincoln's box onto the stage.Incidentally a popular but entirely mythical theory for the 'freeze the balls off a brass monkey' version suggests a wonderfully convoluted derivation from the Napoleonic Wars and the British Navy's Continental Blockade of incoming French supplies.Intriguingly the 1922 OED refers also to a 'dildo-glass' - a cylindrical glass (not a glass dildo) which most obviously alludes to shape, which seems to underpin an additional entry for dildo meaning (1696) a tree or shrub in the genus Cereus (N.O.The holder could fill in the beneficiary or victim's name.
'Scot and lot' was the full English term for this levy which applied from 12th to 18th century.
Hoi polloi - an ordinary mass of people - it literally means in Greek 'the many (so the 'the' in common usage is actually redundant).
The expression is commonly misinterpreted and misspelled as 'tow the line which is grammatically incorrect, although one day perhaps like other distortions of expressions this version could also become established and accepted in language simply by virtue of common use, in which case etymologists.
Across the board - all or everything, or a total and complete achievement - this is apparently derived from American racetracks and relates to the boards on which odds of horses were shown (and still are to an extent, albeit in a more technically modern.
I think that it was in 1972 when I first heard a non-computer person use 'kay' to mean one thousand pounds.There are various suggestions for the origins of beak meaning judge or magistrate, which has been recorded as a slang expression since the mid-18th century, but is reasonably reliably said to have been in use in the 16th century in slightly different form, explained below.Originally refers to any person who behaves similarly to an ape or an idiot,.e.Additionally it has been suggested to me (ack J Smith) that the 'fore!' warning was used by British infantry to warn a front line of riflemen that a line behind them is about to fire, however while the sense of the meaning can be related.The translation into the English 'spade' is believed to have happened in 1542 by Nicolas Udall when he translated Erasmus's Latin version of the expression.Definition to learn about some news; a rule of thumb As a rule of thumb, I dont eat food that smells bad.

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If anyone can offer any more about Break a Leg please let me know.) give me a break/give him a break - make allowance, tolerate, overlook a mistake - 'Give me/him a break' is an interesting expression, since it combines the sense of two specific.