Here it is: Paraguay on the left, Brazil on the right, Argentina in the foreground.
The last thing I want is to spend more time than we need to in the Retiro Bus Terminal, one of the nastiest Ive seen on this voyage.Having spent a few days there ourselves, Lea and I would disagree.(Fun fact: Even though Argentina is a right-side-drive country, the subway lines in Buenos Aires run on the left, ensuring that you will end up on the wrong side of the station lotto wunderstr oberhausen at least once, even after you get the hang.) So thats.I will be a little more paranoid about my belongings, but thats better than giving up on enjoying myself.I came here with the intention of unpacking all my luggage, walking on the beach, not thinking about long-haul bus trips, and enjoying cheap burgers and caipirinhas in the sun.According to our guide, the water filters through Poço Azul quickly enough to maintain its clarity without being clouded by things like human body oil so long as the number of swimmers is limited and certain precautions are taken.
I havent quite reached that point yet but Lea definitely has.
Im not sure what happened, but there was almost no vegetation on the island, and certainly nothing as distinct as a palm tree.
If South Americans of any era had built the city of Colorado Springs, for example, they would have built it on top of Pikes Peak.
"Ponzinibbio out, Kenny Robertson now meets Ildemar Alcantara at UFC 175".
We ate at a lovely poke-bowl restaurant and slugged back to the bus station sauna.
I want the power to make selfie sticks explode with my brain.
Yes, everyone else could get out and snack at 2:00.m.Win 202 Sean Strickland Decision (unanimous) UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot.From there we were took the more sane, though no less crowded, city bus the rest of the way.We never did find a trail that would soak you with anything more than a fine mist (unlike visiting Victoria Falls, which felt like walking through a carwash).Allende wrote with the cold detachment of a historian.So basically, were going to have to come back.My god, the laundry.Fans of architecture head to the Cloisters of the Monastery.At this point, even I was ready to break down trucchi poker multiplayer flashgames and cry after almost 16 hours in transit on four buses and two ferries!Personally, I was appalled at how little effort Buenos Airess vampires are putting into hiding their resting places.Im writing from Punta del Este, Uruguays resort city.After approximately 45 seconds and two pictures, I headed back down the hill.Some will get you soaked.