Both can do very similar things, and HM2 might have a slight edge if you use some of book of ra ingyen magyarúl the 3rd party applications with the HUD.
Then you can generate your own push/fold quiz and it will provide results for you based on ICM calculations.
Interface, the look and feel of a software's interface is key to how the end user ultimately experiences the software and it's features.
Holdem Manager doesn't have a simplified poker rules call check programming setup for it's filtering.The quizzing menu is simple and straight forward.It will scan the site you wish to play at and look for tables that fit your pre-defined requirement.This means each time that you want to view your stats, or review a hand from your database, Poker Tracker queries the MySQL database, retrieves the data, and then displays it for you.Poker Tracker holds the edge in platform reliability, and free add-in products.Overall the Poker Tracker HUD does what it's supposed.The main framework is broken up into 3 primary categories, community, play poker, and view stats.There are some drawbacks to this since the initial development of MySQL was done before expanded file size limits, the storage limitations holds at 4 gigabytes total.This can be a little confusing for some users.Tilt Breaker is a great add-on for those who struggle with tilt, and will terminate and lock you out of your games based on your settings.Poker Tracker, overall it's a pretty simple interface.It's cleaner and just all around easier to navigate.
What this means in a nutshell is that if you want to dig in and write some complex filters, there's a lot of flexibility to do so with Poker Tracker.
It's not readily accessible.
In the end, a lot of it will come down to personal preference.
Third Party Applications Lot's of software manufactures have created third party applications for both Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager, so that your user experience could be enhanced and expanded upon.There is a Harrington inspired cash HUD that is pretty reasonable out of the box for those who don't want to mess around with creating your own HUD.For example, if you wanted to create a filter where you check/called with middle pair on the flop or the turn, you'd have to create the check the flop separately.Bottom line: Holdem Manager has a big advantage here.This allows you to setup a lot of scenarios, but it takes some time to do so because everything is left open as a result possibility unless you filter the data you need in or out.It's not as intuitive as it could be, or it's counter parts.If you want to add a stat to a line, just click the ' button and select add statistic.You can drag and drop and stat you want on the grid, and with one click, edit the text of the stat label you want.

If there's a stat like, continuation bet out of position that you'd like to see in the main stats section, you can't just add.
It supports ppapi plugins and extensions, both internal (PDF viewer) or externally loadable.