It's a pretty complete meal and great for lunch or dinner or whenever.
We take fresh chunks of Tuna and Albacore and mix it with our very own Hawaiian Poke sauce.Oh, and somewhere at the bottom of the bowl is our sushi-grade rice.Great to get to-go and eat at the beach or park or during a boring meeting at work).Each bowl is accompanied by some seaweed, cucumbers, avocado, tamago (egg and masago.You know our Poke Bowl is seriously good because we only use our very own fresh sushi-grade fish for our Poke.We take fresh chunks of Tuna and Albacore and mix it with our very own Hawaiian.HOT cheetos, sushi, burrito, pOKE, bOWL."David Carruthers finally released today on million dollar bail".
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Sushi Bar and Asian unique dishes from Pad Thai to Poke Bowl!
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"Cross-Border Betting: International Agreement on Protecting Local Residents".
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