veikkaus fi viking lotto

Triplets, quadruplets, etc are spielstation walldorf öffnungszeiten available by clicking the button below.
More in the matrix, how far apart are the drawn numbers?
The most common bing bong song deutsch peppa pig pair is 28,.
By looking back at the most recent 100 draws of this lottery we can see that 2 times the drawn numbers luxury casino jackpot can be found among the numbers and their neighbors of the previous 2 draws.Only 1 time, the winning numbers could be found among the neighbors of the numbers drawn in the previous 2 draws.The range is between 14 and 47 so the average range.5.What are the latest numbers drawn?It came out 27 times.As for the latest 100 draws the hot numbers are 32, 15 and the cold numbers are 36,.
What is the numbers repeat rate?
Last but not least, the most overdue numbers are 19, not drawn during the latest 39 draws and 2 which was not drawn since 28 draws.
While 3 times, the winning numbers were among the neighbors of the numbers drawn in the previous 3 draws.
Note: during all draws!
Chances to hit 6 numbers are one in 12,271,512.Latest results, what are the hot, cold and overdue numbers?What should I know about SUM of the numbers?Most common numbers, how about common pairs, triplets and quadruplets?What are the chances to hit the jackpot?4 times the SUM of the Viking Lotto numbers was 134.The lowest value for the wide gap (highest difference between two adjacent numbers) was 5 while the highest value was.More in the matrix, next numbers in neighbors only?Mujunen Olen Ivan Ivanov Venäjältä.During the most recent 100 draws, 50 times no number from one draw was drawn again in the very next draw, while 1 number from some draws have been drawn in the next draw a total of 33 times and 2 numbers came out.