Also, there are vast differences in poker abilities especially at the micro stakes.
For example, if you are playing on a regular table and begin 3 betting the hell out of the guy to your immediate right, he's going to do something about it soon enough, if he chooses to stick around.
Keep in mind that a typical Zoom poker table deals about 3 to 4 times as fast as a regular poker table.And if you want to know about my day to day life as a poker pro traveling the world, make sure to follow me on Instagram.NL50 - 5bb/100, nL100 - 4bb/100, good Zoom Poker Win Rates for 3-4 Tables.ArtySmokes, 07:24 AM # 9 JCesar newbie Join Date: Aug 2014 Posts: 41 Re: Is Zoom Poker Profitable Long Term?Here, Zoom becomes a perfect environment for getting in that much increased volume, and gaining the comfort you need with whatever lotto glück spruch it is you've been studying.This number will be far greater on more peak times.Now some people might interpret this to mean that Zoom poker is all bad and why should you even play.The time you will spend breaking even in this hand could be spent fast-folding three times and reaching a very clearly profitable spot.Nothing highlights your shortcomings quite like being put under time pressure.Even though two players may have built up more than one thousand hands on each other, because you're not at the same table for every hand, or even most hands, there is an obvious tendency for many players to fail to adjust, even when they.The first thing that I need to mention though is that Zoom poker win rates (measured in big blinds won per 100 hands played) are always going to be lower than the regular tables.
Rakeback and bonuses may also play a role in this on some poker sites with fast fold games like Zoom.
Some people will crush everyone and rapidly climb up the stakes.
You are put in a random seat on a random table for every single hand.It is fascinating how the promise of future action can dramatically affect your opponents' willingness to enter pots without them even realising.If you are truly crushing the games then you are likely to move up well before you even hit this number anyways.No matter what you think about so called "bumhunting" (chasing the fish around the bottom line is that the money comes from the bad poker players in this game.And so that is exactly what these Zoom poker win rates represent.Furthermore, you are going to get moved to another table the very next hand anyways.The players behind you are all relatively strong and so there is no obvious soft spot to generate a clear edge from playing this marginal hand.This leads into my next point, of tighter stacking off ranges pre flop and tighter post flop play.The results will take care of themselves.And when you cannot choose what table and seat you play at like on a regular poker table, then there will always be a fundamental barrier or ceiling on your winnings.